When will fyjc online admission pune begins ?


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My sister wants to take admission in FYJC pune . So please let me know when will admissions begin in First Year Junior College of Pune.

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  1. Dr. Sumit Sharma

    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hello FYJC Admission Process for Pune has been started. There are several steps you need to follow to take admission in FYJC Pune. As you know FYJC 2017-18 Admission is coordinated by school education and sports department.

    Application Form Filling Steps :-
    ►First of all you need to purchase a information booklet from school
    ►While reading information booklet you will find LOGIN ID and PASSWORD
    ►Now visit official website of FYJC Pune Admissions that is ” pune.11thadmission.net “.
    ►LOGIN with your id and password
    ►Change your password and keep safe in your mind
    ►Now follow the screen steps one by one
    ►After filling form ,you can print it out

    Now if you want to ask something more related to FYJC ,let me know your next question .

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