What is Gap Certificate ? How to get Gap Certificate ?


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I dropped one year for preparation of an entrance exam , now i want to take admission in university ,some people are saying that i need a gap year certificate ,but i don’t know about it .So can anyone please provide me details regarding GAP YEAR CERTIFICATE ?

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  1. Dr. Sumit Sharma

    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hello ,I appreciate your question very genuine because once this question hits my mind also , so i think i can try to give you a best answer. Gap Certificate , “GAP” means you know a time interval or space between two period or place or anything. So here in education “GAP” is the time interval. After 12th Class many of students choose to prepare for any type entrance exam , to do that they drop one or two years. For example some students take admission in coaching institutes (for JEE ADVANCE , Medical etc) after 12th Class but when they join any college or university after 2 years of GAP ,they are asked for a Certificate showing GAP years . This certificate is knows as GAP Certificate. It is simple declaration given on any 100rs stamp paper with your reason for GAP Years.
    Gap Year Certificate Format

    Generally you get a basic format in Admission Information Brochure of the college you are taking admission. If so you have to use the given format only.

    If there is no prescribed format given by your college you can simply go to the notary and ask for ‘Gap year affidavit’. They already have prescribed format. They will ask you some basic details and provide you the same. In attachment images you can check GAP certificate format and other details .


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