What are some best Project Ideas for Mechanical Branch Students ?


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I am in third year mechanical branch , i need to submit a project so i am searching here and there but i did not get any good project idea ,can anyone here please share some easy and impressive mechanical project ideas so i can prove myself in my class. Thanks

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  1. Dr. Sumit Sharma

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    Hello ,there are many best projects ideas for mechanical branch student around the web but you should choose easy and impressive mechanical projects . This is very common in engineering college to submit projects in the end of third year or starting of final year . So many websites on the internet provide new mechanical projects ideas for final year students. I checked all the website and collected some good project topic ideas for mechanical branch student. You will surely thank me after checking my collection of these ideas for final year project.

    ►Investigation of New Heat Exchanger Design Performance for Solar Thermal Chemical Heat Pump
    ►Numerical Simulation in Automotive Design
    ►VTOL Unmanned Aerial Helicopters – A Concept Study
    ►Charging Cost Optimization of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    ►Model Based Diagnosis of an Air Source Heat Pump
    ►Overview of Vapor Absorption Cooling Systems
    ►Photovoltaic System Layout for Optimized Self-Consumption
    ►Solar Energy to Drive Half-Effect Absorption Cooling System
    ►Optically Selective Surfaces in Low Concentrating PV/T Systems

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