Important dates of UPSC Civil Services Exams 2018?


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I heard that upsc has released the exam dates for civil services preliminary exams 2018 , so here anyone have upsc exam calender 2018 if yes then please provide me the upsc exam date chart 2018.

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Hello , yes UPSC has released exam calendar 2018 . You can easily download it from official website of UPSC that is
    ”” . If you have any trouble in downloading upsc exam calendar 2017-18 then don’t worry ,I am going to provide you complete list of exams with dates .

    â–ºUNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Exam List with Date of Application and Date of Commencement of Exam .

    1. Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examination
    2. Indian Forest Service Examination
    3.Engineering Services Examination
    4. National Defense Acadamy & Naval Academy Examination
    5.Combined Defense Services Examination
    6.Combined Medical Services Examination
    7.Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination
    8.Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination
    9.Indian Economic/Statistical Service Examination
    10. Central Armed Police Forces Examination
    11. Indian Police Services Examination
    12. Section Officers and Stenographer Exam

    These are few exams organized by UPSC. In attachment you can get complete details regarding upsc 2017-18 exams like exam dates, application process etc.


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